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Welcome to Little Eden Alpaca Farm

Fresh Farm Food & Family Fun


Sharing the joy of healthy food

Know your food - Know your farmer

Our mission is to educate and support our neighbors in learning where their food comes from.  Ironically, you would never receive candy from a stranger, yet we put food on our family's table every night provided by strangers.  Our goal is to empower families from all walks of life to take control of what they eat and know where it came from.  Whether it is a vegetable or meat, YOU are eating what the plant or animal ate.  Know your food - we welcome your questions and farm visits (once restrictions are lifted) so that YOU can have confidence in what you are feeding yourself and family.  NO RECALLS around here! Just wholesome fresh and happy livestock.

Visit us at the Market

Reidsville NC Farmers Market

Downtown May 2024

Events You’ll Love

Upcoming Events to watch for!


Fall Farm Visit days

Summer 2024

We will be hosting farm events throughout the year for our farm friends to visit the animals, learn more about running a small farm and have fun in the great outdoors!  Specific dates and times will be added as dates get closer. Hope to see you soon!

New News - Who Knew?!

Interesting Educational Topics - check back often - We add new content regularly!

Inside Greenhouse

What do labels mean?

Free range vs pasture raised - what is true difference

Egg Delivery

We eat alot of eggs - but do you truly know your store bought eggs?

Shop Smart - Compare with Farm Fresh

Frequently Asked Questions

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