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About Our Farm

Small non-profit NC farm

Little Eden Alpaca Farm is a local family-run Farm that has been producing delicious fresh food and educating future Farmsteaders since 2018.  Our mission is to educate and support other families seeking to improve their physical and mental health through self-sufficiency and healthier food choices.  Whether you are interested in growing your own or simply want to know where your food comes from & support a local farmer, we welcome you to our farm.

Our livestock and poultry are raised on the best pasture nature can provide so you can be sure you are buying the best quality meat & eggs at affordable prices.

We host family friendly fun activities and educational workshops throughout the year. Check out our upcoming events calendar and come visit us with your family for a day of fun at Little Eden Alpaca Farm.  FARM VISIT DAYS coming in early October 2021! Watch for reservation form to book a tour & see our friends.

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Meet Our Farmers

Welcome to the Family



Jorge is the patriarch of this wonky farm.  An Air Force veteran and semi-retired Respiratory Therapist, he now spends his days learning a new way of life.  City born and raised, every day brings new challenges and exciting opportunities to learn new skills as Farmsteader. Age is a limitation placed on yourself.  He is showing that it is never too late to realize a dream and live a healthier lifestyle.


Sulette was city dweller with a country dream.  A Registered Nurse for more than 25 years, she has enjoyed teaching others about the benefits of healthier living and eating. Now she is realizing her dream of living the Farmstead life.  She has started a non-profit to help others realize the same dream, even if owning acres of land is not feasible, continuing her passion for teaching and sharing.  Along with her husband of 25+ years and her 4 grown children, they are growing their farm - one day at a time.



Vanessa is our Baker and Creative Arts daughter.  She is talented in creating delicious sweets and breads for our family and friends.  Her knitting and sewing talents will help bring our alpaca fibers to life for the market store.  We have recently purchased a large shed that we are converting into a Farm-based Bake shop.  Exciting addition to the farm that we hope to share with our community in the coming year.


Raquel is our youngest daughter and our resident aviary expert as a registered Falconer.  Her goal is to open a bird rescue on the farm and provide educational opportunities for others to learn about our feathery friends.  She is also an extremely talent artist who specializes in all animals -whether pets or wild ones.  If you are interested in receiving a quote for an artistic commission, click on Contact Us link.  Bringing their beauty and grace to life in the traditional or digital mediums.



Celeste is the oldest daughter on the farm and prolific writer.  She has published several books across various genres that are fun reading for the whole family.  She enjoys long walks, swinging under the trees and video games. Her books are available for purchase on our website!  Check out her family friendly, exciting adventures.  All proceeds go toward supporting our philanthropic donation program to local hospitals and libraries.


Jonathan is the eldest of the farm kids and an incredible asset to growing the farm.  He is a software programmer by day and fruit tree grower the rest of the time.  His orchards will soon produce delicious apples, pears and figs for our market store.  He will carry on our dream of farmsteading long after we are gone as he has plans to build his own house on the back 5 acres in the coming year.

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