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Meet our Farm Friends

Fur, Feathers and Fiber


Peter Pacca

Our newest addition

Peter was a miracle baby after his father had failed to produce any live offspring after 6 attempts with previous ladies. He is only 2 months old but full of energy & curious spirit.



Peter's momma

Chanel is patient and receptive to her little bundle of energy, Peter.  She had a little difficulty with his birth which resulted in a deformed nostril but she is still beautiful in our eyes.



Sassy sis

One of two Huacaya 10 month old girls, Cashmere is definitely the more sassy of the two.  Twins are extremely rare in Alpacas and these two ladies are not directly related but we call them our twins nonetheless.  They sport beautiful white fiber but you wouldn't know it since their favorite pasttime is rolling in the clay dirt.


Greta Garbo


Greta is not afraid to explore far from her shelter and roll in patches of clay dirt wherever she can find them.  She gracefully tolerates her sassy sister instigating mischief and her younger brother's nagging her to play.  Although her front legs are slightly bowlegged, she walks like a true confident lady.

ladies alpacas.jpg


The Matriarch

Maribelle is the oldest of the rescues and the wise matriarch keeping everyone in line.  Peter loves his adopted grandma and will follow her everywhere she goes.  She is as tall as I am but gentle as can be.  Always watchful for strangers and the occasional turkey or duck that has wandered into their home.  She has earned her place in our home.

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